B2B Marketing In An Age Of Uncertainty

B2B marketers are facing hesitant buyers in their target markets, most of which would be either directly or indirectly affected by the concurrent health and economic crises. This webinar looks at the strategic considerations for B2B marketing leaders and which adjustments are necessary to maintain B2B marketing effectiveness.

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"Never let a good crisis go to waste." - Winston Churchill


Here’s what you’ll learn:

How To Increase Your B2B Advertising ROI

Understand green field opportunities that help you effectively shift advertising dollars and increase your Marketing ROI. 

How To Create Your Most Engaging Content Yet

Learn how to create extrodinary content experiences during the crisis that set you apart from your competitors and engage buyers online.

How To Enable Sales to Close Deals Remotely

Discover how to collaborate with sales more effectively, personalise content, and convert the most valuable accounts in your target market.

About the Host

Felix Krueger is the founder and CEO of the Krueger Consultancy, a digital marketing agency supporting B2B brands in their growth journey. Having worked across Europe and Australia over the last 15 years, Felix Krueger's award-winning marketing solutions have generated over $100m in revenue for his clients and his own businesses. His entrepreneurial track record includes the launch of Which-50 Media, a digital media company that supports business transformation leaders with editorial insights and marketing services. Felix’s passion lies in enabling B2B marketing teams to grow their businesses by operating at the cutting edge of B2B marketing solutions and technology.

Felix Krueger has been featured in Australia's leading business publications

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