Hi, I’m Felix Krueger.

I’ve created Krueger Marketing to service B2B marketers who want to cut through the noise of overcrowded digital channels, build stronger buyer relationships, and achieve better results.

The Krueger Marketing ingredients for buyer engagement: 


Personalised content designed to address the needs of individuals.


Clear and structured content that is accessible when needed most.


A unique experience that goes above and beyond common market practice.

The Early Days

I was 25 and had just relocated from Germany to Australia during the global financial crisis to chase my dream of working in an English-speaking market. 

I was extremely lucky to score a job as a digital advertising product specialist at one of Australia’s largest media companies. My job was it to develop products that helped brands achieve their objectives when running digital ad campaigns. To reach those brands I had to work with our sales team to engage media agencies.

Being socially awkward and rocking an Arnold Schwarzenegger accent, I was well out of my comfort zone when I had to brief a 100 people strong sales team in our bi-weekly national sales meeting and give presentations to stressed-out media buyers. 

I was struggling to say the least... 

While my subject-matter expertise could have helped all my internal and external stakeholders to achieve better results, I wasn’t gaining enough traction. My results varied wildly and were unpredictable. 

I was, just like my industry peers, following common practice in the way I engaged my target market. But as I soon realised, common practice hardly ever follows common sense. 

The Epiphany

After quizzing one of my media agency friends, I got an insight into the daily reality of a media agency team, the buyers of my products. 

On a weekly basis buyers were exposed to about 15 presentations by media and technology companies, received 20 meeting requests from salespeople, read numerous research papers to understand the constantly evolving digital media landscape, met numerous times with their clients, and in between had to plan and implement digital advertising campaigns. 

How are buyers supposed to stay engaged if they are extremely time poor but at the same time bombarded with messages in overcrowded marketing and sales channels?

I wasn’t achieving extraordinary results, because I didn’t engage the market in extraordinary ways. 

I started experimenting with different approaches and over time identified three key areas that impacted on the performance of my marketing and sales activity:


A clear understanding of roles, knowledge levels, and buying stages helped me to create content that met the individual needs of my target buyers. Content tailored to the needs of my most valuable targets was highly impactful. 


Clear messaging and easily accessible information resources had a huge impact on our performance. Buyers started engaging with my content, simply because it was easy for them to find and digest, right when they needed it. 


Video content, interactive microsites, and polished presentation formats went above and beyond what the competition was offering. I left an impression with buyers simply because my formats were different from those commonly used. 

Me presenting at an industry event in Sydney soon after gaining traction with the approach that became the foundation for Krueger Marketing.

After methodically tackling these three disciplines, I was off to the races. 

The revenue I generated with my products grew above market rate because our sales team and media agencies were more engaged than ever before. I became a sought-after speaker at industry events, won numerous awards, and scored trade media interviews that further accelerated the exposure of my products.

Additional budget to build my team was granted, my portfolio included the fastest growing digital advertising products in a billion-dollar media company. 

Some of the trade publications that wrote about my work:

marketing magazine logo

So Why Am I Telling you this? 

Now that the world economy has been disrupted by Covid-19, buyer engagement has become more challenging than ever. The immersive experience of face-to-face interaction has been wiped out by social distancing. 

B2B brands are attempting to pivot to digital channels but history is repeating itself: Buyers are extremely time poor and at the same time bombarded with the same messages through the same overcrowded channels. The only difference is that now they are working from home and are even more distracted than ever before. 

After more than a decade of refining those principles working for technology vendors, media companies, and in start-ups I created Krueger Marketing. The services and tools we offer are the direct results of my experience in the battle for relevance in an overcrowded marketplace. 

As of August 2020, we're collaborating with some of the most exciting B2B brands in Australia and we're rapidly expanding our footprint.

It is our vision to create a better B2B marketing future with our clients. We want to achieve this by:

  • eliminating the noise in digital marketing channels
  • creating the most engaging buyer experiences possible
  • enable all B2B brands we work with to realise their marketing potential

If you are, like most B2B marketers in today’s marketplace, struggling to generate meaningful buyer engagement, there are three things you can do right now:


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